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“Whoever celebrates the feast, it brings the blessing...”

Each family is a small tample that has it`s saint who is a protector and representative in their prayers to the God . They talk to him, they respect him ...and celebrate him.

We celebrate it at home, having a candle, feast cake, wheat and red wine. We gather all our family and friends and enjoy in delicious meals we’ve prepared for them...

If you have any wishes and willingness, but you simply don’t have enough of time, we are here to help you and carefully prepare everything for your feast.


Suggestions for feast:

Feast cake
Feast wheat (koljivo)
pies (cabbage, leek, mushrooms, apple, sour cherry, pumpkin)
corn bread (proja)
cold starters (meze/snack/, salads, cheese rolled cake, salty cakes, aspic, meat rolled cakes, filled eggs in white sauce...)
hot dishes ( soups, broths, sarma, filled paprika, prebranac, saslik...)
meat (rolled meat, roast meat, barbecue...)

Suggestions for fast feast:

Fast feast cake
Feast wheat (koljivo)
pies (mushrooms, cabbage, leek, potato, vegetarian, apple, sour cherry, pumpkin...)
cold starters (fast salads, fast rolled cakes, fast salty cakes, aspics, fish mousse...)
hot dishes ( soups, hotchpotch, sarmice-greens, filled dry paprika)fast sarma, risotto, fish croquettes in red sauce...)
fish ( hake, perch, carp, trout, brancin fish, salmon, tuna fish, shark...)
see food: grilled / in sauces (squids, shrims, mussels and octopus...)
fast cookies
fast cake

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