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Realisation of AURELIO Co. is a creative consequence of experience, skill, dedication and persistence of the owner, our dream team and mostly of the optimism we had during the previous period.
The name of “ Aurelio” resulted from successful co-operation in production of cold desserts between Mr Djordje Suleic and representatives of Italian factory Geldue (1987-1990).

In the honour of our productive co-operation and friendship, we named our facilities in the very heart of the city, near the Jadran Cinema, after Mr Aurelio Topljak(1990).

And in 1995, we established and registered AURELIO COMPANY as an import-export company for producing and selling of food. It was planned to be the first catering service of its kind in Belgrade with the complete offer of salty and sweet food programme, followed by our motto:


”Everything you need for every single occasion, in one place.”


Creativity and efficiency
Natural ingredients
Standard high quality
Personal technology
The greatest product assortment
We save Your precious time
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