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*** AURELIO DE LUX – Gift from the heart

The perfect combination of taste: chocolate, marzipan, almond, haselnut, walnut, pistachio , panetone, caramelized orange , ganache coffee cream...
Packed in a beautiful gift box to show love or gratitute.

  Perfectly soft, mellow and delicious pastry, covered with chocolate, fondana, honey and fruit.

  The real recipe of Belgian galettes with vanilla sent, served with whipped cream, covered with chocolate or fruit and with crashed hazel, walnut and peanut or almond all over it.

Salads without mayonez combined with row or      steamed vegetables, tofu cheese, and seeds
Sandwiches in integral rolls with vegetables,       soyabeans,fish

Relax and you’ll recognise all the inovations in shaping and decorating of those sweet things:

coating of cakes with perfect decor icing
spraying of cakes with jello that can’t be frozen, gives      a perfect look of freshness and gloss to the cakes.
adding of eatable gilt, silver and pearl
using of voile, bows, pearls, different figures
brush painting on whipped cream
printing on eatable papers with eatable colours

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